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Friday, May 2, 2014

May 02, 2014

**Antietam Friday**

Okay, let’s play “I spy” with this photo. I can easily see the West Woods from inside Dunker Church, but is there anything else of interest in the shot? Outside the window (left side) is probably a tree trunk but it might be a post of some kind . . . looks a little too clean-cut for a stump. Inside the church I notice a brick or block of wood on the windowsill (not sure what it’s used for) and a crack in the farthest-left bench. I highly doubt these are the original pews, but they certainly look old.

The road seen here is an extension of Smoketown Road, which crosses Dunker Church Road and connects with Route 65 on the other side of the church. I find it interesting that since this photo was taken in September, the amount and color of foliage would have been about the same during the battle. The view from this window has likely never changed.


Co. F, 48TH Georgia Infantry

Died July 02, 1863

Brothers James and Joseph joined the Confederate army in March 1862 and died on the same day just sixteen months later. Joseph was only 24, James only 25. Sadly, their family’s tragedy wasn’t yet over . . . in August of 1863 yet another brother, William, would die a prisoner at Fort Delaware.

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