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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014

Here is one of many views from the Oak Ridge tower, showing North Confederate Avenue where it merges with Doubleday Avenue (bottom) and part of Mummasburg Road (at right). This is the area known as Iverson’s Pits. I can’t identify the barn and farmhouse above the field line, but there are a few monuments to peruse. I’m guessing that the tall monument along what would be Buford Avenue is the 6TH New York Cavalry, and that the small monument to the right of it . . . no, that’s a car. Okay, the monument with the bronze plaque (much further right) is likely the 9TH New York Cavalry. The last monument on the photo is easily identifiable and sits to the left of Mummasburg Road; it’s the 17TH Pennsylvania Cavalry (another of my favorites . . . boy, I have a lot of favorites).


Co. C, 4TH Michigan Infantry

Born September 30, 1831 --- Died July 02, 1863 (age 31)

Cpl. Worden enlisted in June 1861, father of Lorena (age 9 in 1863) and Charles called Charlie (age 6). His wife Margaret had died in 1859. After being mortally wounding at George Rose’s wheatfield, Cpl. Worden was buried in the National Cemetery. Six Worden brothers fought for their country during the war, and brother Alfonzo had died in May 1863 in Louisiana.

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