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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Revisiting East Cavalry Field

The picturesque Rummel farm
Click for larger photo to read artillery marker

When I last took a side-trip to Cavalry Field about eight years ago, it wasn’t one of my favorite places, and in the interim years many artillery pieces had been taken away for cleaning. Nonetheless, on our most recent trip (May 11 and 12) we decided to check it out and see what had been added or taken away. It was a pleasant surprise.

Nothing had really changed, but the fields were more inviting than I’d remembered, the few monuments scattered here and there were nice to see, and the Rummel farm was a big hit (it’s a stone farmhouse. Everybody knows how much I like those). I just read that the current stone house wasn’t in existence at the time of the battle (drat) and the Rummel family made do in a log home at that time, but still, nice view. And there were cannon! You can’t beat that. It was a nice secluded drive with hardly any other drivers, which gave us enough time to really enjoy what we were seeing.


Co. H, 42ND Mississippi Infantry

Born August 27, 1841 --- Died July 1863 before his 22ND birthday 

Pvt. Womack’s death at Gettysburg, which occurred either on the 3RD or the 15TH of July just fourteen months after his enlistment, was one of many family tragedies. Three brothers died the next year, one in a Union prison camp, one at the Battle of Fishing Creek in Kentucky, and one in Georgia. Their father had died in March 1863.

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