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Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014

**Antietam Friday**  

 Antietam National Battlefield’s Sunken Road observation tower is a great way to see the battleground, but it’s also handy for finding and peeking at historic farms. This particular farm is the Mumma farm. I took note of a few features that readers may or may not see, particularly the tiny black-ish artillery to the left of the house. Also of (amusing) note are the brown “potties” sitting against the barn.

Like Gettysburg, Antietam has its share of rocks, some of which are seen in the lighter-colored field below the farmhouse. The contrasting green and yellow fields make for a mighty fine image. In the distance, mountains loom out of the fog. The fence seen to the left of the barn is part of the Mumma family cemetery. Mumma Lane runs to the left of the photo.


Co. H, 14TH U.S. Regular Infantry

Died August 15, 1863

Cpl. Patterson lived what must have been an exciting life before his premature death at Gettysburg, having been born in Ireland and moving to what would later become known as Washington state. He was a laborer by trade and was wounded in the arm during the battle on July 2ND. He later died in Germantown, PA, suffering both from his injury and from jaundice, and was buried in Germantown’s Odd Fellows Cemetery.

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