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Monday, May 5, 2014

May 05, 2014

This photo was taken last August. Traffic was, as usual, hopping, but I managed to make it from the old Cyclorama parking lot to the Maryland State Monument without being flattened into a Civil War nerd pancake. The platform seen at bottom is the base for the Maryland monument. What I like about this photo is that there’s so much in it  . . . to the left, part of Gettysburg National Cemetery (I believe this is the section allotted for casualties of newer wars) and to the right, part of Evergreen Cemetery, enclosed by that familiar old wrought iron fence.

The small marker to the left of the large “Downtown Gettysburg” sign says “Taneytown Road.” I like the fact that there are three walls/fences here; the stone wall at left, the older-looking wooden fence in the background, and the much newer-looking reddish fence bordering the road. If you count in the stone wall in the foreground of the photo near the Maryland State Monument, then you have four distinct battlefield features.


Co. C, 17TH Connecticut Infantry

Born August 14, 1834 --- Died July 01, 1863 at age 28 ½ 

Sgt. Dauchy, a hatter from Danbury, Connecticut, enlisted in August 1862, bidding farewell to wife Julia and their six-year-old son Frederick. Unfortunately, little is known about Sgt. Dauchy’s life (or at least I wasn’t able to discover new information at this time).

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