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Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014

 ***Antietam Friday***

I like to think this photo of Antietam National Cemetery somehow communicates peacefulness and reverence. The monument at far left is the 4TH NewYork Infantry. It lists the names of those men of the regiment who died at Antietam. The large tombstone located between two monuments honors Brevet Brig.Gen. Jacob Duryee who died in 1918, and the monument furthest to the right, my personal favorite in this grouping, is the 20TH New York.

Part of the cemetery rostrum can be seen to the left of the 20TH New York, and in the distance, beyond the wrought iron fence, there are still more tombstones. This photo shows only a small section of the over 3,000 graves at Antietam’s National Cemetery. The scene would be even better if the flag were flying free, but somehow, being draped sadly on its pole as if hanging its head is very appropriate.


Co. D, 19TH Maine Infantry

Born August 11, 1822 --- Died July 04, 1863 at age 40 

When Pvt. Haire enlisted in July 1862, his family consisted of wife Oril, 15-year-old son Lewis, 13-year-old daughter Betsey, 9-year-old son Charles, and a younger child whose name I wasn’t able to find. Oril was his second marriage. Pvt. Haire was wounded on July 2ND and died two days later.

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