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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014

I’m not always the best judge of distances, and when we recently traveled out to East Cavalry Field and Benner’s Hill, I assumed the beautiful and elusive “Daniel Lady farm” I’d always wanted to see would be much further up the road. Much to my surprise (and the giddiness that comes from finding Civil War sites), I caught sight of the field hospital marker in just enough time to pull in and take a closer look.

Sadly, the barn isn’t in great shape but it’s still a stunner. The stone house is a particular favorite because, well, I have a thing for stone houses, and this is a beaut. I took note of a couple details that were very interesting, such as the nice stone base underneath the field hospital marker, and the little black buggy parked against the wall. If you click for a larger photo, it appears that the letters “U.S.” are painted on the side of the buggy.

All in all, a great find!


Co. B, 16TH Georgia Infantry

November 08, 1839 --- Died July 1863 at age 23

Pvt. Bradley had already suffered discomforts in the service before reaching Gettysburg, in the form of a wound and a hospital stay that lasted from July to September 1862. His death at Gettysburg left behind a wife Nancy.

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