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Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

**Remembering Gettysburg's dead, Union and Confederate, on this Memorial Day 2014** 

The Artillery at Benner’s Hill

 This is just a sampling of the many beautiful artillery pieces that can be found at Benner’s Hill (which, I confess, I’d put off visiting for about ten years with the thought that there was little to see there). First is a 12-pounder Napoleon belonging to Dement’s Maryland battery. This cannon tube is original and was cast at Augusta Foundry in 1863.

Next up to bat is a Parrott Rifle from Brown’s Battery, the Chesapeake Artillery. This one is unmarked, so I’m not sure if it’s original or a reproduction. I like the way it seems to glow in the sun on a perfect hot May day. Also, there were very few people to share the avenue with, so it was almost like having the place to ourselves.

The third photo shows a Parrott from Raines’ Battery, the Lee Artillery. This is my favorite of the three, showing a rock wall that probably hasn’t been tampered with for awhile. As far as I know, it may be original. There’s also a 3-inch Rifle in Raines’ Battery, located on the section of hill nearest to the road.


141ST Pennsylvania Infantry

Born January 22, 1825/1826 --- Died July 28, 1863 

Maj. Spalding was both lucky and unlucky at Gettysburg; lucky that he was found by compassionate Confederate soldiers and cared for after being wounded twice, and unlucky that he did not survive his injuries. His death bereaved a wife, Ruth, and two small children, eight-year-old Ella and two-year-old Israel Jr.  Maj. Spalding was later buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Towanda, PA. 

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