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Monday, January 9, 2017

January 09, 2017

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McPherson’s Ridge. Wood fence. That middle pole isn’t really a pole, by the way. It’s the Eternal Light Peace Memorial. And the tiny colorful blips you see in the right distance? Cars and people, of which there are always many. I’ve made it my goal to take as many artsy shots as possible every time I visit Gettysburg. Some fall short of the mark. This one is passable. :-) Actually, you’d be better able to tell that was the Peace Memorial if you could see the flame lit at its crown. It was lit that day, but zoom isn’t always the best at picking up such small details. Sadly, if you’ve visited the Peace Memorial in the past few weeks you may have noticed the absence of the so-called ‘eternal flame’. That’s because they’re completely refurbishing and updating the memorial. Can’t wait to see it.


Born December 20, 1828 --- Died July 03, 1863 at age 34

6TH North Carolina Infantry

Col. Avery was a seasoned soldier, having been wounded at Gaines’ Mill in the summer of 1862. He was married to a lady named Martha and had one child, a daughter named Charity who was born in 1860. Mortally wounded at Gettysburg’s Cemetery Hill, he died the next day, leaving a famous blood-stained note. An image of said note can be viewed online. He is buried at Washington Confederate Cemetery (a section called Rose Hill) in Hagerstown, Maryland. A photo can be found here.

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