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Monday, January 2, 2017

January 02, 2017

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I happen to think this photo came out pretty well considering that the car was moving. I like the softness of the barn blurred in the background. This is Battery K of the 4TH U.S. Artillery, located along Emmitsburg Road near the Daniel Klingel (or Klingle) farm. Unfortunately, the barn isn’t original, but is in the same location as its 1863 counterpart. If you’re walking or biking along Emmitsburg Road (there’s no place to pull over or park if you’re driving) you might be interested in the Klingels’ whitewashed log farmhouse, which does date from the time of the battle.


Born 1831 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 32

Co. H, 48TH Georgia Infantry

Pvt. Sutton enlisted in May 1862. He was married with four children, Caroline born about 1855, Littleton born 1858, Susan born 1859, and Ann born about 1863, and his wife’s name is given as Ellen, Patsy, or Demaris (it appears there may have been two men named Jordan Sutton). He was killed in battle, and his place of burial is uncertain.

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