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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 04, 2017

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If you’ve ever driven along Confederate Avenue, you may have noticed a little path veering off toward the left into the woods and marked with a small plaque that says “Spangler House.” This is the step-off point for walkers who want to see a historic farm many people likely never visit. Looking back from the trail-head, you can see the back of the plaque as well as part of Confederate Avenue and a small, relatively new stone bridge. As you can tell, this was a beautiful, sunny, summer day, the kind of day where the humidity will kill you. Luckily, if you’re parked along the road, you don’t have an incredibly long distance to walk. (And, a word of warning, this is also a horse trail. With real live horses. Who have bowel movements. Just saying).


Born December 1842 --- Died July 08, 1863 at age 20

Co. K, 44TH New York Infantry

2ND Lt. Thomas enlisted in August 1861, the first of his soldier brothers to die . . . brothers Henry and Calvin died in September 1863 and November 1864 respectively. Benjamin was wounded on July 2ND and died only a few days later, being buried at Plainfield or Huntley Corners Cemetery in West Exeter, New York.

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