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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28, 2016

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The 4TH Maine Infantry’s Gettysburg monument was dedicated in 1889. Confirmed dead from this regiment are Cpl. Willard Barstow, 2ND Lt. George Bragg, Pvt. Crosby Brookings, Pvt. Nathan Chase, Cpl. Thomas Doyle, Pvt. Isaiah Eaton, Cpl. George Gardner, Pvt. John Gray, Cpl. George Hall, Pvt. Henry Hall, 1ST Sgt. Francis Ingalls, Pvt. George Johnson, 2ND Lt. Charles McCobb, Pvt. Michael Rariden, Cpl. John Rittal, 2ND Lt. Orpheus Roberts, Pvt. Frederick Rogers, Pvt. John Sawyer, Pvt. John Shuman, Pvt. Alonzo Stickney, Cpl. John Stone, Sgt. John Toothaker, Maj. Ebenezer “Eben” Whitcomb, and Cpl. John Witham. As always, I find it interesting that every single one of these boulders, large and small, were here during the battle. At right, the downward slope of Little Round Top can be seen, as well as part of Sickles Avenue. 


Co. D, 7TH Michigan Cavalry

Born 1832 --- Died August 10, 1863 at age 31

Pvt. Karcher (also spelled Carcher) enlisted in October 1862. A farmer, he was married to Helen and had three children, Lilly (born 1856), Cora (born 1858), and Franklin (born 1862). He died either at McDougal Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, or at Fort Schuyler, New York, and is listed as being buried at Cypress Hills National Cemetery in Brooklyn, which, if correct, makes a death at Fort Schuyler far more likely.

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