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Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

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If you’re a student of the Battle of Gettysburg you’ve likely heard the tale of the 2ND Massachusetts and their brave, though futile, charge across Spangler Meadow. If not, it’s definitely a fascinating story you should check out. Here, the edge of the meadow is shown at right, while the small monument atop a boulder at the right side of the road in the far distance is dedicated to the memory of the 2ND Massachusetts men. Behind it, the cool darkness of the woods beckons. I imagine that the boulder at distant center left (zoom for better view) served as a table or seat for some of these ill-fated men before they embarked on the charge which their colonel called “murder.”


Co. F, 53RD North Carolina Infantry

Died July 16, 1863

Cpt. Albright enlisted in April 1862 and was a farmer by trade. He left behind a wife, Emily. Mortally wounded at Gettysburg, he was taken to Frederick, Maryland, where he later died, and was buried at Frederick’s Mount Olivet Cemetery.

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