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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016

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Here’s a photo with many points of interest. The road running from left to right is Pleasonton Avenue, while the intersecting road is Humphreys Avenue. At the far left of Pleasonton Avenue you will see a Cavalry Corps marker (closer to the camera) and Gen. Winfield S. Hancock’s headquarters marker (across the road). The three monuments in a line, beginning with the equestrian monument, are 8TH Pennsylvania Cavalry, the 4TH New York Cavalry, and the 2ND New York Cavalry. Culp’s Hill and Wolf’s Hill are visible in the top right distance. At center left in the far distance you’ll see the Lydia Leister barn, part of Meade’s Headquarters complex, as well as the red post-battle Peter Frey barn to its right.


Co. E, 19TH Maine Infantry

Born 1835 --- Died July 1863 at age 28

Pvt. Nickerson enlisted in July 1862. A wound to the right arm during the third day of battle required amputation, and his date of death is given either as the 18TH, the 21ST, or the 24TH of July. He was laid at rest in Gettysburg’s National Cemetery.

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