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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 07, 2016

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If you’ve ever visited Devil’s Den then you’ve surely noticed the large boulder at the extreme right of the boulder den that resembles a duck. While its official name is Table Rock, it is of course also known as Duck Rock for obvious reasons. What you may not know is that this behemoth, along with its supporting rocks, offers one of many entrances to the inner sanctum of the den. This is kind of a love/hate situation because it’s really cool to pose beneath a gargantuan boulder that has stood in place for millions of years, yet it’s also terrifying for that very same reason. Be warned that it’s really narrow in here and you’ll probably twist your ankle, so I’m not advocating going climbing, but if you want to stand here you’ll definitely get a new perspective.


Co. F, 69TH Pennsylvania Infantry

Died July 03, 1863

Cpt. Thompson was born in Ireland, though his date of birth is uncertain. He was a coal dealer and enlisted in September 1861, bidding farewell to wife Ann (a second marriage) and four children. He previously served in the 24TH Pennsylvania Infantry. Cpt. Thompson suffered a head wound at Gettysburg and died soon after. He is buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia.

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