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Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

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If you were a member of Gen. Robertson’s Texas Brigade on the afternoon of July 2ND, 1863, this would have been your view as you waited to begin the attack. I imagine the scene must have appeared much the same --- not a power line in sight. The only modern-looking things are South Confederate Avenue and the spattering of monuments on the crest of what was once called ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’. From left to right we can see the Philip Snyder and/or Michael Bushman farm fields, Little Round Top with the 12TH/44TH New York “castle” monument, Big Round Top, and the Bushman farm. The little white barn to the left of the stone and brick house may be part of the Slyder farm.


Co. B, 8TH Georgia Infantry

Born September 10, 1839 --- Died July 04, 1863

2ND Lt. Bliss was mortally wounded during the battle of Gettysburg and is thought to have died at the John Edward Plank farm. Friends spoke highly of him and remembered his mother’s devotion to him throughout his life. He was buried secondly at Baltimore then finally interred in Savannah’s Laurel Grove Cemetery.

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