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Monday, August 8, 2016

August 08, 2016

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Here we see a crop of boulders near Devil’s Den, cast softly in a near-sunset haze. The monument at top left-center is the 99TH Pennsylvania Infantry. I imagine this would be a great place to picnic or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. (This is a more pleasurable experience if you happen to visit at a relatively tourist-free time, but good luck there!) I can imagine soldiers hiding behind these boulders, using them as sharpshooter dens, resting their rifles on the surface for better aim. One of the regiments which may have used this outcropping is the 4TH Maine. Their monument is just to the right.


CO. E, 8TH South Carolina Infantry

Born February 12, 1842 --- Died August 18, 1863 at age 21

Sgt. Nettles suffered a shell wound to the thigh and was later taken to Camp Letterman outside Gettysburg. He was eventually buried at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately I could find little information on his life, family, or military service.

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