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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10, 2016

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This may win the prize for the most creative photo in my arsenal. :-) You can see the Peach Orchard through the rear-view mirror, including three monuments and a pair of Napoleon Model 1857 artillery pieces. Beautiful blue sky, fluffy clouds, but I remember how chilly that February day was . . . cold enough to cut through layers of clothing and chill you to the bones. (Or at least it was when I was standing on Little Round Top that afternoon). I also like the fact that outside the “main focus” (the picture inside the mirror) you can also see part of a wooden fence at the top of the photo. Hopefully I’ll remember to take these artsy shots in the future.


Battery B, 1ST Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Died July 01, 1863

Pvt. Alcorn enlisted in June 1861 and survived over two years in the service. His brother Charles, serving in the Western Theater, was also killed in the war. Pvt. Alcorn was shot at his post and was later buried at Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery.

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