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Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014

**Antietam Friday**

This bucolic scene can be found on Route 65 on the Antietam National Battlefield. Naturally I like the Napoleons in the background! Those aren’t green clouds in the background, just some of Antietam’s trademark mountains. (Though I’m sure you already knew that …) I spy fences in the background, an orchard of some sort, and some small red flowers below the sign.

The second marker is worth a look both for its design and for the scene. In the background I can see a sloping hill, wooden fences, and some trees/bushes in bad need of a trim. As you probably noticed, both markers have the National Park Service symbol. That way you won’t forget that you’re on park land and that you’d better behave! :-)


PVT. CALVIN JENKINS WHITTEN (name also listed as “Craven”)
Co. H, 17TH Georgia Infantry

Born March 08, 1833 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 30

Though Pvt. Whitten had been blessed with a wife, Joicey, and two children, Joel and Louisa (age 4 and 1 during the battle of Gettysburg), he hardly led a charmed life after his enlistment. First he was wounded during the Battle of 1ST Manassas/Bull Run, then apparently suffered an “accidental” injury (I’m not sure how, when, or where). At Gettysburg he received his mortal wound while storming Devil’s Den. His burial is unknown.

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