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Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Three More Favorite Gettysburg Monuments

On Wednesday I posted three of my favorite monuments, so, as it was very difficult to choose, I chose another three for today :-) First is the 109TH Pennsylvania, which I always found to be very similar to the 148TH PA (see Wednesday’s post). (All three of today's photos are located on Culp’s Hill --- I guess I like their monuments best . . .)

The second photo shows the 78TH and 102ND New York Infantry along Slocum Avenue. This has always been a favorite for two reasons: the design, and the hidden “lion” that was expertly carved to the right of the soldier. (Look for his head between “fence” rails, and his paw underneath the bottom rail).

Next is the 29TH Pennsylvania. What’s not to love? Nice sleek design, good color, and that stunning bronze eagle to top it all off. I also like the fact that the monument is sitting on a boulder, part of Gettysburg’s unique landscape. If you’ve got good eyes, you can make out a stone wall in the background. I wonder if it’s original . . .


Co. B, 56TH Virginia Infantry

Born February 26, 1836 --- Died July 03, 1863 (age 27)

Pvt. Rainey’s enlistment saddened a wife, Narcissa, and a widowed mother. His mother had reason to worry . . . Joseph’s brother Herbert had died in April 1862. Joseph himself would be killed by an artillery shell at Gettysburg.

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