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Friday, April 4, 2014

April 04, 2014

**Antietam Friday**

Into the bowels of the . . .

. . . Antietam National Battlefield visitor center. I’m not a museum-y type --- I prefer getting out on the battlefield and seeing/touching things for myself --- but when I ducked into the visitor center many moons ago, I saw some interesting displays. I was particularly drawn to the large paintings of important battles, namely Burnside’s Brigade and Dunker Church. Somehow the darkness of the room puts me in mind of the “old” Gettysburg visitor center (remember it?) and that homey “good-old-days-of-tourism” feel. (I really miss that museum. Sadly, not even the parking lot was left in place).

And in this corner . . . lots of Civil War era weapons. I don’t claim to know anything about 19TH century firearms, but this seemed to be a nice simple display and took a good photo. Note the fierce-looking bayonets in the background. Though I can’t remember the exact set-up of the museum and was strapped for time, hopefully I’ll soon have a chance to go back and give it another look.


Co. A, 32ND Massachusetts Infantry

Born July 24, 1835 --- Died August 25, 1863 at age 28

Online records say that his family name was originally “Haskins” until it was altered by his father. In civilian life Sgt. Haskell was a currier, and he enlisted in late 1861. He was wounded in both legs at Gettysburg and suffered an amputation. After being transported to Camp Letterman, he died in late August and was later buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

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