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Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

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This early spring scene in Rose Woods along DeTrobriand Avenue shows the natural state of the battlefield before the blooms emerge. I can only guess at the age of the old stone structure, but it’s somehow simple and beautiful all at once. I would think that this is a tributary of Plum Run. I’ve also been here in the summer, and this area is much more vibrant, a blanket of green contrasting with the perpetual muddy color of the stream. Then again, Gettysburg is beautiful any time of the year. I should know. :-)


Co. B, 38TH Virginia Infantry

Born April/July 23, 1832 --- Died August 02, 1863

 3RD Sgt. Oakes enlisted in April 1861. He was married to Altoney and had 2 children. He was first buried “under a walnut tree on the hill between the Schwartz and Bushman farms” and later re-interred at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. Pvt. James Allen Oakes of the same regiment also died at Gettysburg and was probably Thomas’s cousin. 

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