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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016

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In this shot, I’m standing at the Spangler farm looking toward the Sherfy farm (the farmhouse and barn are visible at center left). To the left is Big Round Top, looking rather scraggly. The Henry Spangler farm is a very peaceful and interesting place to explore if you don’t mind a relatively long trek from Confederate Avenue during which time you’ll be obliged to navigate huge piles of horse,  um, waste. Well, it makes it more authentic, at least. I’m sure farm folks in the 19TH century were similarly engaged in avoiding the “presents” their equine friends left behind.


Co. I, 111TH New York Infantry

Born 1831 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 32

Pvt. Thompson enlisted in August 1862. He was wounded in the lungs on the second day of battle and subsequently died, eventually being laid to rest in Gettysburg’s National Cemetery.

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