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Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

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It may be difficult to see, but this picture is pretty special, at least to me. It was a cool, quiet morning, and I’d stopped for a moment at Big Round Top. Looking toward Little Round Top, you could see beams of a “mist” of sunlight arcing through the trees and beaming down into the woods below. It was an incredibly peaceful feeling. I always feel blessed when I encounter an experience like this one, simple though it may be. Gettysburg is full of these peaceful, beautiful moments. Considering the carnage that took place here, that fact never ceases to amaze me.


5TH Maine Battery

Born about 1836 --- Died July 07, 1863 at age 27

Pvt. Wydner was a volunteer from the 94TH New York Infantry, called to assist the 5TH Maine Battery during the battle. In personal life he was a farmer, and records list him as being 5’9” tall with hazel eyes and auburn hair. He was apparently killed during a retreat.

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