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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

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Gettysburg’s Pennsylvania State Memorial is the sort of monument you either love or hate. I’ve seen both. I personally love it, because the sheer size, the plaques with so many names, and the ability to really wander around and explore it (there are steps to the observation deck on top) make it unique. While New York supplied the most troops for the Union side of the conflict, Pennsylvania wasn’t far behind. So, too, did Pennsylvania and New York claim the highest percentage of casualties at Gettysburg. The text at right says “89 Regiments Infantry; 9 Regiments Cavalry; 7 Batteries Artillery; Total Present 34530; Killed and Mortally Wounded 1182; Wounded 3177; Missing 880.”


CO. F, 5th Florida Infantry

Born March 25, 1836 --- died July 04, 1863 at age 27

Pvt. Hillhouse enlisted in March 1862. In September 1862 he was taken prisoner at Hagerstown, MD, and was a captive from that time until March 1863. Though he was advised to return home, instead he rejoined his regiment. He fought at Gettysburg and was wounded at the Peach Orchard. There is a possibility his body was never identified and remains on the battlefield.

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