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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 08, 2015

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If you’ve recently visited the McPherson’s Ridge guide station, you’ll have definitely noticed some big changes. Not only are the restrooms very high-end, but there is also a large battle map which gives a fine sense of the action. On the opposite side of the main room you can pick up maps and vacation guide books, as well as enjoy this great view of Chambersburg Pike / Route 30 and some iconic wooden fencing. (Gee, gray sky again. I guess Gettysburg was waiting for us :-))


15th Massachusetts Infantry

Born April 26, 1826 --- Died July 03, 1863 at age 37

Col. Ward, formerly a farmer, enlisted in July 1861 at Lieutenant Colonel. He lost a foot at Ball’s Bluff in October 1861 and was cited for gallantry at that same battle, sadly dying at Gettysburg less than two years later. He was married to a lady named Emily, and had a son Robert, who was two in 1863. Col. Ward is buried at Worcester Rural Cemetery in Worcester, Massachusetts. A photo can be found here

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