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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015

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This second installment of photos showcases the Leister farmhouse, used as a headquarters by Gen. George Gordon Meade. Though originally built about 1840, the house has been refurbished throughout the years. It may not look so small from this angle, but once you step on the porch and look inside at the two tiny rooms, you’ll find it difficult to believe Lydia Leister and half a dozen children took up residence here. The place is beautifully kept and a pleasure to visit.

Coming around to the front porch and only entrance, you can see the old, old steps. (And yes, the porch squeaks just enough to let you know the building’s age, something I’d always admired in old houses). Part of the barn can be seen at left. It’s not visible in this photo, but toward the left of the porch is a hatch of some sort, probably leading to a cellar or spring. The little window overlooking Cemetery Ridge is of unusual construction. Can’t you just picture having a small chair on the porch and looking out over the beautiful countryside? (Though with so many other people in that little house, I doubt Mrs. Leister had much time to sit :-))


Co. K, 22nd Georgia Infantry

Born April 23, 1830 --- Died July 03, 1863 at age 33

Pvt. White enlisted in May 1862. He was married to Polly, and together they had seven children, Lucy (born 1854), George (born 1855 and died 1856), William (born 1856), Sarah (born 1858), Rebecca (born 1859), James (born 1860), and John (born 1862). It is not known if Pvt. White was ever exhumed and sent south or if his remains still lie in Gettysburg.

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