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Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

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Memorial Day is the perfect time to remember the boys in blue and gray who sacrificed all at Gettysburg, as well as to pay tribute to every American man and woman throughout time who gave their lives for their country. Please join me in honoring those who have passed beyond.

This week (and possibly next) I’m doing a series of posts about the Leister farm / General Meade’s headquarters, which I visited (for the first time!) on the 19th of May. The first set of photos focuses on the barn which was originally built around the year 1800. It was used as a temporary field hospital. (Fun trivia: that barn at far right, red with a gray roof, is part of the Peter Frey farm).

For the second photo, I think this kind of artsy shot is pure Gettysburg. An old barn which witnessed history, an orchard such as the kind that were quite prevalent during the battle, stone walls, wooden fences of difference kinds . . . nothing in this photo would have been out of the ordinary for soldiers who traipsed past this place in 1863. The National Park Service and volunteers have done a terrific job of keeping the farm in great condition. If you don’t mind the relatively long walk from the Angle, go ahead and visit the Leister farm. It’s well worth the time.


Co. C, 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Died July 03, 1863

Pvt. Tees enlisted in August 1862 and was a varnisher by trade. (An interesting occupation you don’t often see among Civil War soldiers). After some time he was buried at Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery where he rests today.

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