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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014

Ah, Gettysburg on a foggy morning. There’s just something special about standing in the fog, feeling the little drops of condensation moving all around you, wondering if that was just a shadow, or an errant ray of sunshine, that splashed across the fields in the distance . . . and of course there are always some great photo ops. The first photo shows either Squires’s or Miller’s Battery near the Louisiana Memorial. Notice how you can’t even see the fields, though part of the Barksdale’s Charge marker can be seen above the right wheel of the left-hand cannon, while the tip of the Mississippi Memorial’s bronze flag can be seen to the right of the large tree.

This next photo is one of my foggy favorites. You can just *feel* the ambiance of Gettysburg in this shot, I think . . . quiet, misty, somber woods full of the echoes of battle. You can almost see the soldiers slipping through the trees of those long-ago days. Luckily, there are lots of foggy days at Gettysburg (most of them seem to be when we’re visiting, ha ha) so there are plenty of opportunities for photos like these. :-)


Co. D, 52ND North Carolina Infantry

Born 1843 --- Died July 01, 1863, at age 20

Pvt. Hamilton enlisted in October 1862. Quite some time after being killed at Gettysburg, he was exhumed and reburied at Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery, as were many of the Southern Gettysburg dead. Unfortunately, little information is available concerning his life.

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