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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 03, 2014

The Philip Snyder farm
The John Slyder farm
 Here’s a different perspective: two historic farms seen from the bottom of Triangular Field. First we have the Philip Snyder farmhouse . . . take note that a similar view would have presented itself in 1863, except that Texans, Alabamians, and Georgians would have been swarming this ground, met by rifle- and cannon-fire from  Mainers, Pennsylvanians, and New Yorkers at the top of the ridge. On the second photo we have the little-known John Slyder farm. The trees at the base of Big Round Top can be seen at left, while I believe South Confederate Avenue winds slowly along at the top right of the photo. (If true, you can even see the tiny “Right Flank of the Army of Northern Virginia” plaque beside the road, very faintly).


Co. I, 1ST Minnesota Infantry

Died September 12, 1863

Pvt. Hale was one of the brave men who sacrificed their lives in the First Minnesota’s charge across Cemetery Ridge. He was wounded on July 2ND and lingered until September, having suffered amputation. Pvt. Hale was also wounded in the lung. Two months after his death, he was re-interred at Gettysburg’s new National Cemetery.

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