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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014

Into the Wheatfield – Again

Last November I thoroughly enjoyed taking my first walk through the “Bloody Wheatfield”, though I only explored the main path. This time --- October 13TH of this year --- I explored a bit more of the field, taking a second path that led me past other monuments I’d never had the opportunity to see in detail. My first photo shows part of the Irish Brigade’s route through the Wheatfield to Stony Hill. The monument seen at left, to the right of Sickles Avenue, is the 57TH New York.

The second photo shows another corner of the Wheatfield. The monument in the foreground honors the 61ST New York while the one at left is dedicated to the memory of the 27TH Connecticut. In the background, to the right of the 27TH CT, is the unmistakable pink granite of the 11TH Pennsylvania Reserves. To the left of the 61ST New York, part of Little Round Top’s downward slope can be seen.

Last but not least, here’s a close-up of the 81ST Pennsylvania. Rose Woods frames the background. In looking at these photos I wish once again that there would have been a bright blue sky that day, but unfortunately you visit when you can visit and the weather isn’t always accommodating! No, the distant figure to the immediate right of the monument isn’t a ghost. The taillight of his car can be seen at far right :-) (And I doubt Civil War ghosts would much appreciate modern garb . . .)


1ST Louisiana Infantry

Born 1821 --- Died July 02, 1863 

Lt. Col. Nolan, a native of Ireland, left his work as a merchant and grocer to enlist in the Confederate Army in April 1861. Rising through the ranks, he gained the respect of his peers --- he was called “a most gallant officer” --- and was wounded at Sharpsburg in September 1862. His final moments came at Rock Creek while assaulting Culp’s Hill. Lt. Col. Nolan was later buried at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

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