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Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 20, 2014

Visiting the McPherson Barn: Part Two

On Friday I began a two-part series showing photos from my recent (exciting!) visit to the McPherson barn. Here is the conclusion:

Getting right down to business, photo #1 (above) is my favorite of the series. Blue skies would have made it even better, but October is finicky that way :-) The old wooden fences really help to frame the barn, and the doors look so inviting . . . until you get a bit closer and realize that birds have been utilizing the property quite a bit, and opening one of those doors would likely result in a face full of flying feathers. Despite a sense of desolation, the property appears to be cared-for, and looks much as it would have in 1863.

Photo #2 (above) is what I consider an “artsy” shot. I love the old fence, the red vines creeping over the door at left, the weeds sprouting up along the stone wall. And no, the large brown object in front of the second door isn’t an animal, though I thought it was when I stood there . . . it’s a rock. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to explore a place I’d wanted to visit for so many years.


Co. B, 16TH Georgia Infantry

Born 1831 --- Died July 1863 at age 32

Pvt. Kerbow, who went by the name “Dock”, was married with four children (John, born 1853, Florentine, born 1856, Josephine, born 1858, and Joseph, born 1861), at the time of his death. A fifth child, Doctor, Jr., called Singleton, would be born in September 1863. 

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