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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 06, 2014

Revisiting the George Weikert house

This incredible stone farmhouse, dating from the last years of the 18TH century, is one of my favorite structures on the Gettysburg battlefield. I’m a sucker for stone buildings and especially ones that have a bit of history to them, which this home certainly does. I particularly like the first photo for its lack of visible modern conveniences . . . and that attic window looks intriguing. I almost expect someone to be peering out at me whenever we pass by; whether I’m imagining a living person or some figure out of Mr. Mark Nesbitt’s “Ghosts of Gettysburg” series, I couldn’t say!

The next photo shows a bit more of the Weikert farm. To the right, part of the white barn is visible.  To the left is Sedgwick Avenue, which leads to Wheatfield Road and the second day’s battlefield. I found it interesting that the house, dating from 1798, was already 65 years old when the battle occurred. What history did it witness before the armies of the North and South ever converged here?


Co. G, 9TH Georgia Infantry

Born March 10, 1843 --- August 18, 1863 at age 20

Pvt. Nash enlisted in August 1861. He was mortally wounded in the leg at Gettysburg and cared for by his brother James. Later transferred to Camp Letterman, Pvt. Nash succumbed to his injuries and was buried at Savannah, Georgia.

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