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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

This photo was taken in the area of Iverson’s Pits along Doubleday Avenue / Oak Ridge, and it showcases three of my favorite Gettysburg things: beautiful scenery, rock walls, and markers denoting who fought where and what happened when. This is the 16TH Maine’s left flank marker, which reads, “16TH ME INF’Y. JULY 1, 4 P.M.” Actually, I took the photo for the flowers sticking up through the rocks but ended up really liking the whole layout.

Another thing I like about this shot is the mountains that stretch in the far distance, and of course the summer skies. There was a hint of rain in the forecast but it didn't bother us until much later. I don't think this rock wall is original, but there certainly would have been a similar one in the vicinity.


                                                     Co. A, 151ST Pennsylvania Infantry

Born February 18, 1829 --- Died July 01, 1863 at age 34

Cpl. McCredie, born in the United Kingdom (either Scotland or England), was married to Margaret and had five small children at the time of his enlistment in September 1862: John (age 9), Martha (age 8), George (age 7), Hugh (age 3), and William (an infant). Cpl. McCredie suffered a head wound at Gettysburg and died from his injuries.

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