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Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014

**Antietam Friday**

There are quite a few markers scattered near Sunken Road, and General Richardson’s memorial was one I had never seen before. The inverted cannon tube signifies that this was the general area where Richardson received his fatal wound. In the background, the fields beyond the Sunken Road are a lot more peaceful than they were in September 1862. Thousands of boys in blue from Richardson’s Division came from this direction and were funneled into the slaughter pen that was “Bloody Lane” . . . Caldwell’s brigade, Brooke’s brigade, Meagher’s Irish brigade. The regiments that would later suffer at Gettysburg were no strangers to combat.


Co. G, 2ND South Carolina Infantry

Born December 09, 1836 --- Died July 21, 1863 at age 26

Pvt. Croxton was married to a lady named Rebecca and was the father of a little son, William, who was two years old during the battle of Gettysburg. John had already had a brush with death . . . he was wounded in the head just seven months earlier at Fredericksburg, but somehow he managed to stay in the army. At Gettysburg he suffered a mortal wound to the knee and was later brought to Camp Letterman, where he died.

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