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Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

**I’ll forego Antietam in favor of Gettysburg for this week, since I miss Gettysburg so much!**

Here we have two random photos of Stony Hill, a place I’ve recently been studying due to my interest in the Irish Brigade. This is a nice part of the battlefield, usually quiet, and rather overlooked in the grand scheme of things. The “tent” monument is sacred to the memory of the 32ND Massachusetts Infantry, while the faithful soldier represents the Massachusetts Andrews Sharpshooters.

Being a details sort of person, and spying two monuments on the road in the background, I set to work identifying them :-) At the far right of the sharpshooter photo you can see a portrait statue hidden behind a yellow bush. This is the 110TH Pennsylvania. Directly above the 32ND’s “tent” is the 8TH New Jersey. And the headquarters marker visible further to the left showcases the deeds of Burling’s Brigade, consisting of men from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.


Co. A, 14TH South Carolina Infantry

Born May 28, 1832 --- Died July 1863 at age 31

Lt. Carter marched off to war a married man, leaving his children Ida (six), Horace (four), and Minnie (two) and in their mother Ellen’s care. Some sources name two other children, Elizabeth who would have been eight, and Caroline who would have been four. I’m not sure which of their children are correct, or if all of them are. Lt. Carter, who had lost a brother at Chancellorsville in May 1863, is one of the Confederate soldiers accidentally interred in Gettysburg’s National Cemetery meant only for Union casualties. His stone simply says, “S. Carter, Co. A, 15th Conn.”

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