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Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014

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Apart from being part of Antietam National Battlefield, I’m not sure where the following photos were taken, but I think they speak volumes about the park’s natural beauty. The combination of wooden fences, dipping roads, fields, and mountains makes Antietam very special. The first photo shows one of many tour roads bordered by iconic fences and greenery. No, those aren’t ghosts coming up the road . . . they’re bicyclists :-)

In the second view, what I like best is the timeless view. There’s nothing in this photo that the soldiers of 1862 would not have seen, and if they paused at this exact spot, the scene doubtless would have been the same. There’s something special about the mountains that form a natural barrier around the battlefield; whether they’re highlighted with clouds or wreathed in fog, they’re always photogenic.


Co. E, 12TH New Hampshire Infantry

Born 1830 --- Died July 03, 1863 at age 33

Pvt. Gault was doing his duty along Emmitsburg Road, helping to push back the Alabamians under Gen. Wilcox, when a merciless artillery shell struck him in the leg. He lingered but briefly and died on the 3RD.

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