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Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014

**Antietam Friday**

Antietam National Battlefield definitely has some interesting tour roads, kind of like taking an amusement park ride . . . up, down, up, down. This photo was taken from “up”, from the heights bordered by a stone wall, and not only shows how the roads can dip but also how many different monuments and markers can be scattered at one place. The fellow on the left memorializes the 45TH Pennsylvania. His comrade to the right represents the 100TH Pennsylvania.

The modern bridge marks the beginning of Rodman Avenue, while the road running underneath is Old Burnside Bridge Road. To the left, out of the photo, the battlefield tour continues along Branch Avenue. Five small markers can be seen in the center right of the photo: On the left side of the road is a marker detailing the exploits of Jenkins’ Brigade of Jones’ Division (CSA). On the right side of the road, left to right (except for the topmost marker which I can’t identify) are markers for the Ninth Corps (USA), Rodman Avenue, and (large brown sign) the Sherrick farm, which is off to the right. Note the nice wooden fences at top center.


Co. K, 42ND Virginia Infantry

Born c. 1839 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 24

(Side note: I learned from Mr. Garry Adelman of the Civil War Trust that this surname is actually pronounced “Tolivar”) Lt. Taliaferro had worked as a lawyer before the war and at his young age had lost both of his parents; his mother in 1842 and his father in 1856. He was married to a lady named Frances. Though I couldn’t find much information on the man himself, I did discover that the 42ND VA fought at Culp’s Hill and has a marker along East Confederate Avenue. 

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