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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013

On my recent trip to Gettysburg I was impressed with a display that decorated the 88TH Pennsylvania Infantry monument along Oak Ridge. 

I enjoyed taking photos of the wreath and flag lovingly bestowed in tribute. The eagle and the jumble of war-related accouterments that topped the monument were also very photogenic. Sadly, when we returned to this same spot a day or two later, the wreath and flag were gone.

Though it may be difficult to tell due to its excellent condition, this particular monument has stood on the Gettysburg battlefield since 1889. I’ve visited various websites that challenge folks to identify every single symbol on the monument . . . but even though I sat in front of it for a good long while, I still forgot :-) Oooh, I have an excuse to go back!


Co. H, 15TH Massachusetts Infantry

Died July 02, 1863

After surviving a wound at Antietam in September 1862, Pvt. Reed may have thought himself invincible. Unfortunately, that proved not to be the case. The Gettysburg Campaign brought him to that storied Pennsylvania town and put him in position to catch a bullet in the chest, a mortal wound to which he soon succumbed. In civilian life Pvt. Reed had been a shoemaker. He was later buried at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

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