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Friday, November 8, 2013

November 11, 2013

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What do you do when you have a bunch of Peach Orchard photos that were taken at the same time? Make a panorama, of course! Being much too excited over the prospect of identifying everything in the photos, I’ll start with monuments. At far left, the first monument visible is the 2ND New Hampshire Infantry. The top of the 68TH Pennsylvania Infantry can be seen to its right. The monument beside both of these memorials is the 3RD Maine Infantry. The two small white markers are flank markers, 3RD Maine on the left and 2ND New Hampshire on the right.

I found it interesting that the little trees in the Peach Orchard didn’t stand a chance against the violent winds that apparently visited the battlefield; it’s a relief they didn’t snap under pressure. The large monument front-and-center is that of the 3RD Michigan Infantry. It’s easy to miss the 3RD’s tiny flank marker to the right of the main monument. For a broader “I spy”, there’s a double-decker tour bus to the right of the 3RD Michigan, between the furthest-right orchard tree and the road.


Co. C, 15TH Alabama Infantry

Born February 03, 1836 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 27

If you’ve seen the movie Gettysburg and were impressed by Col. Chamberlain and the 20TH Maine, you probably also experienced a healthy dose of admiration for the Alabamians who just kept coming, whether you hail from the North or the South. They were beaten back and dying in droves but they formed wave after wave in a desperate hope of breaking through the Union line. One of these men was Cpt. James Ellison, who died at Little Round Top at the age of twenty-seven. He’d enlisted in the Confederate army exactly one year and one day earlier. Cpt. Ellison was later buried at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

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