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Friday, November 8, 2013

November 08, 2013

I do so solemnly declare that until I run out of appropriate photos, Fridays are “Antietam Days” on my Gettysburg blog! I’ve visited Antietam National Battlefield three times and am impressed with the many similarities and differences between it and the Gettysburg battlefield. Antietam, like Gettysburg, has three things I particularly love: Picturesque rolling fields, historic structures, and beautiful fences and stone walls.

Speaking of historic structures, the photo above is of the Joseph Sherrick house. It was constructed in the mid-1830s and sports a design that makes it my favorite at Antietam. I particularly like the fact that the photo is a terrific contrast between old and new: Old house, old outbuildings, new roads, and a new bridge. Of particular interest is the very modern green plastic “outhouse” that seems out-of-place on the Sherrick farm :-)


Co. I, 2ND Wisconsin Infantry

Born 1834 --- Died August 19, 1863 at age 29

Out of so many heartbreaking Gettysburg casualty tales, Pvt. Perrine’s is particularly sad. He was twenty-nine, struggling to survive after being shot in the arm and then being transported to Camp Letterman, but that’s not what took his life. Whoever dispensed medication, likely strapped for time and uncertain of the proper dosage, gave two much, and Pvt. Perrine died of poisoning. He was later buried at Gettysburg National Cemetery. 

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