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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017

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The Cornfield Trail

Once in awhile I come across some of my favorite Antietam photos, and since many people enjoy both battlefields, I figured I might as well stick a few Antietam photos in now and again. :-) There are a few interesting details in this photo: Those iconic wooden fences to which many people, including myself, are partial, and which I first saw at Gettysburg many years ago; the mountains in the distance; and, in the center of the image, a group of people walking the trial (whom I at first believed to be ghostly Union soldiers, but that’s another story . . .)


Born c. 1830 --- Died July 01, 1863

Co. D, 3RD Indiana Cavalry

Pvt. Wright was believed to have been killed at Gettysburg, though some records fail to prove this. He was married to Levinia and had a daughter Eleanor, aged 4.I could find little information on Pvt. Wright’s life or death, sadly.

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