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Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

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To many people, the 78TH and 102ND New York monument is special because of its special feature: the lion’s head and paw carved into it (not seen on this photo). To me, even without that unique feature, it’s still a beautiful and touching memorial. It’s always amazed me how a figure might emerge from a solid block of stone. Here we can see his determined expression, his firm grip on the rifle. The wooded nature of Culp’s Hill becomes apparent through the background. Whatever (or whoever) he’s aiming at, I’d say the odds are in his favor.


Co. E, 147TH New York Infantry

Born April 02, 1834 --- Died July 03, 1863 at 29
2ND Lt. Taylor enlisted in September 1862 and had previously served in the 7TH New York Cavalry. He was mortally wounded in the abdomen and died relatively quickly of his wounds. Unfortunately, little information exists regarding his life, and his place of burial is at this time unknown.

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