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Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

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Forever a silent sentinel, the 99TH Pennsylvania guards Houck’s Ridge from an onslaught of Texans, Alabamians, and Arkansans. This photo is somehow stark yet also beautiful, showing the careworn narrow path, the same prehistoric boulders soldiers were forced to navigate in 1863, and a gentle blue sky. Aside from the monument, I imagine the scene would have looked much the same during the battle . . . though how blue the skies were, considering the overcast battle weather and the gun-smoke permeating the air, I couldn’t say.


Co. B, 44TH New York Infantry

Born about 1844 --- Died August 20, 1863 at age 19
Pvt. Gauley, mortally wounded in the thigh on July 2ND and later taken to Camp Letterman, contracted typhoid fever and died of dual causes. He is buried at Gettysburg National Cemetery. 

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