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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015

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This photo is only vaguely battle-related, but I really liked the shot of the Railroad Cut being used for its prescribed purpose, though of course during the battle it was yet unused. The star emblem marks the route of the battlefield tour, while Chambersburg Pike / Route 30 runs from left to right. On the bottom left of the photo is a Union flank marker, but unfortunately I had not yet been able to identify it. Just to the right of the photo one would find Gen. Lee’s headquarters, which is being restored and will hopefully soon be rid of the pesky modern hotel that tried to steal its thunder :-) (No offense to anyone who enjoyed lodging there; I’ve stayed there myself, but I personally think historical preservation trumps anything constructed after the battle).


Carpenter’s Battery (Alleghany {Virginia} Light Artillery)

1820 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 43

Pvt. Ridenour, whose surname is also listed as Ritenour, enlisted in the infantry in March 1862 and was transferred to the artillery in September of that same year. With his first wife, Matilda, who died in 1846, he had two daughters, Mary (born 1845) and Minerva or Margaret (born 1846). He remarried to Elizabeth and had Clara, John (born 1848), Elizabeth (born 1850), Amelia (born 1852), Amos (born 1854), Martha (born 1856), and Turner (born 1862). Records say he was likely “killed in an artillery duel on Benner’s Hill.” Pvt. Ridenour was later buried at Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

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