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Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25, 2013

Many Gettysburg-lovers will easily recognize the 11TH Pennsylvania Infantry monument along Doubleday Avenue at Oak Ridge. Mascot “Sallie” is by far the most popular of the battlefield dogs depicted on regimental monuments, and on this photo you can see a dog biscuit lying next to her. I particularly like this shot. Besides the brilliant blue sky, there’s a nice contrast between monument, modern road, and old stone wall.

The second photo shows the Union battle line at Oak Ridge. The 11TH Pennsylvania can be identified by the soldier statue and by the tiny bronze speck that is Sallie. And of course the third photo is the sort that has been snapped many times by Sallie-lovers. What I find most interesting is that the biscuit seems to be partially-eaten. Hmmmmm . . .


Co. D, 19TH Maine Infantry

Born October 11, 1829 --- Died August 25, 1863 at age 33

Cpl. Merriam must have marched to Gettysburg with a very heavy heart. Not only did he leave home with the knowledge that his wife and two children would be without his help, but a baby son, Charles, had been born in February 1863 and would never know his father. To make matters much worse, his four-year-old son Leroy died on June 10, 1863, and his two-year-old daughter Hattie passed away June 04, 1863. At just 33, Cpl. Merriam was well-acquainted with heartache.  After his initial wounding he was taken to Camp Letterman where he died on the 25TH of August, no doubt thinking of his lost children and of the wife and baby left alone in Maine. Cpl. Merriam was later buried at Gettysburg National Cemetery but is memorialized at Morrill Village Cemetery in Morrill, Maine.

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