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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013

Here’s a 2008 photo of a typical day on the battlefield when I visit . . . rainy and mysterious! At the far left is Rose Woods. (The white picket fence at the George Rose farm can be seen in the distance, to the right of the monument). The eagle-topped memorial is dedicated to the 115TH Pennsylvania Infantry; the monument dates from 1889 and is located along DeTrobriand Avenue. Though it seems as if you could simply turn onto this road, it serves only as an outlet. The entrance is in Rose Woods behind the camera view. 

The granite-and-bronze marker to the right of the 115TH Pennsylvania notes the position of Burling’s Second Division of Sickles’ Third Corps. The small dark marker to the left and across the road is probably a flank marker for the 17TH Maine Infantry. There are two smaller “squares” to the right of the Division marker that appear to be flank markers, but I can’t identify them (and the rock almost had me fooled!)

If you look very carefully, a granite monument can be seen to the left of the tree trunk. This is probably the 8TH New Jersey Infantry or possibly the 110TH Pennsylvania Infantry. It resembles the 110TH more, but the 8TH would then have to be between the eagle monument and the 110TH, and there is no monument visible between the two. At the far right of the photo is the slope of Stony Hill.


Co. K, 75TH Ohio Infantry

Born 1828 --- Died August 28, 1863 at age 35

At the time of Pvt. Rawlins’ mortal wounding at Gettysburg, he was married to Sarah and had four daughters, 12-year-old Sarah, 10-year-old Mary, 4-year-old Eliza, and 3-year-old Melvina. They must have been hopeful for his recovery upon learning that he was still alive in late August, but on the 28TH he succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Baltimore. Pvt. Rawlins was later buried in Baltimore at Loudon Park National Cemetery.

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