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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

This photo, taken from Stevens Knoll and showing much of East Cemetery Hill, has a lot going for it. In the foreground is the slope where the statue of Union Gen.Slocum broods over Stevens Knoll and the base of Culp’s Hill. Two 12-pounder Napoleon cannon represent Cpt. Stevens5TH Maine Battery . . . take note of their overgrown lunettes. In the far left distance is the old Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse, which kept a watchful eye over this position in 1863 just as it does now.

The tall monument to the right of the gatehouse is the 4TH Ohio Infantry and the base of Gen. Hancock’s equestrian statue can be seen at right. At center right, Gettysburg’s water tower looms. The road that passes directly between the artillery pieces is Slocum Avenue, while the road that turns to the right at the center of the photo is Wainwright Avenue. There are a few nice, often-missed monuments along this road. The monument at far right represents the 17TH Connecticut Infantry.


Co. B, 3RD South Carolina Battalion

Born 1837 --- Died July 02, 1863 at age 26

Pvt. Miller was one of many South Carolina and Georgia soldiers who were buried at the George Rose farm for many years before being re-interred in Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery.  Unfortunately, little information is available on his life.

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  1. William Preston Miller was born 1837 in Laurens Co., SC. son of Hargrove and Elizabeth (Bailey) Miller. He was their only son and brother of Amanda (Miller) Motes, wife of Hogan Motes, of Laurens Co., SC and brother of Martha Miller.