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Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

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Notice anything different? Not so very long ago, a controlled burn took place at Little Round Top, eradicating unwanted vegetation and giving visitors a better view of this iconic battleground. Visible monuments include the 155TH Pennsylvania, the 91ST Pennsylvania, the 140TH New York, and the 12TH/44TH New York “castle”. This photo was taken atop Houck’s Ridge and above Devil’s Den.


BABCOCK, Cpl. Edwin H.
Born November 15, 1822 --- Died October 1863

Co. K, 1ST Michigan Cavalry

Cpl. Babcock enlisted in August 1861 and was a farmer. His death date is given as either the 9TH, 10TH, or 19TH of October, and he died at Mower Hospital in Philadelphia. He was married to Harriet and together they had three children, Tracy (1855), Francis (1856), and Harriet (1859). He is buried at Philadelphia National Cemetery.

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