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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

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This is the “real” “Devil’s den”, a former spring (I’m not sure if it still flows) hidden within the ancient, gargantuan boulders. Cool as this is, it’s also very sad to see graffiti scrawled on the inner boulders. That means someone squeezed themselves into this tight space for the express purpose of desecrating Devil’s Den. Unfortunately, that’s becoming a problem. I noticed graffiti on other rocks, crudely-drawn hearts scribbled on large boulders which face the road. Considering how many men fought and died here, and what a huge part of American history this place is, it’s very saddening. Hopefully by the time I return to Gettysburg, the graffiti will have been removed.


TRUCKS, Pvt. David G. or John David
 Born bet. 1825-1830 --- Died July 08, 1863

Co. F, 44TH Alabama Infantry

Pvt. Trucks was married to Catherine and had five young children, Mary (age 9 at her father’s death), William (age 7), Rebecca (age 6), John David (age 3), and Charles (abt. age 2). Little of known of his life and nothing of his burial.

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